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Career Assessment

Choose "Me" or "Not Me" for each image to mark whether or not that activity interests you.
(Estimated time: 2 min.)

Following instructions

Person is looking at a recipe on a computer before they begin chopping vegetables

Working with your hands

Person has a screwdriver and wrench in their hands and is working on mechanical parts

Working on a team

Two people are looking at a computer screen together

Working under a deadline

A person checks their watch while working on a computer. They are surrounded by papers

Working with customers

Person is sitting behind a desk helping a customer fill out paperwork

Following a routine every day

Person is driving a bus

Being well-organized

Picture of a well-organized closet

Comfortable with heights

Person is working on power lines several feet off the ground

Paying attention to details

Person is using a magnifying glass to look over documents

Before you see your career matches, select "Me" or "Not Me" for each image.